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Hotmail free web based email service. Probably first in term of free email service provider. Founder of Hotmail are Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Hotmail is founded in 1996. After Microsoft purchase Hotmail it is changed to Outlook.

Hotmail is free web based email. Now with new features Hotmail has changed to Outlook. Over 450 million subscribers are enjoying Hotmail. Get your now.

Some users also call Hotmail MSN account. Make Hotmail account.

Features of Hotmail mail includes, free email, best email filter system. Probably second best email service after Gmail. Hotmail login user can sync their account with Microsoft services OneDrive to store docs and files online with free up to GB.

5 minute of sign up action, get Outlook account and start composing email. You can send or keep it draft. Draft features of Hotmail present awesome tools to keep docs, and files without having extra knowledge like how Hotmail OneDrive works or how cloud storage online storage service works.

hotmail sign in

Hotmail 2016 New Features

Hotmail is one of the top email service. Hotmail has more than 600 million active users as per 2016. Source says over 60% emails opened on mobile phone via mobile browsers and mobile app.

HOTMAIL POP Access: Hotmail provides free PoP access to its user. Now, people can download Hotmail email on their computer from any email clients.

Scanning and security: Now Hotmail offers even more strong email scanning features and security alert in the name of Outlook.

Mobile phone or email address: Hotmail subscribers can log in their account not only using email but also via mobile number. People can see email and phone number word in username field of Hotmail sign in page.

Hotmail sync with Office online: now subscriber can edit their email docs and attachment online using Microsoft Office Online service with the help on Hotmail. Login office online and edit document without downloading to computer.

Single file attachment: in Hotmail single file attachment can be up to 25MB. This size is huge for document. With the help of Hotmail and Skydrive you can send up to 10GB file in single email. In Hotmail advance tips we cover about how to get maximum in Hotmail.

Hotmail Alexa Rank: Hotmail Alexa ranks as per 2016 March shows Hotmail is under 5000 top website.

Get Hotmail

Get Hotmail in your computer by entering web addresses like, or

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Hotmail Mail

Other Hotmail mail features are as per below:

In 2016, you get a lot of improvement in Hotmail now Outlook. Here Hotmail means truly to Outlook. After Hotmail is purchased and named Outlook, a lot of improvements occurred.

Want to buy app, software and services for your Windows phone? Then why not create Hotmail  account and sign in to Microsoft store. Microsoft store is platform where buyers and sellers meet to purchase, upload and download software and apps.

  1. Hotmail Inbox clean and secure: Outlook team want to give best experience Hotmail users. Your emails are stored in automatically categorized folder. Optionally, you can create new folder and give group name to similar senders. Hotmail email management tools bring other extra features, that makes your Hotmail experience fun than look like emailing task.
  2. Easy email compose features: log in to Hotmail and simply create an email. Enter email address whom you want to send email. Compose and enter Send button. While entering email address, you can choose from existing email address from your contact or enter new email address.

Make Hotmail

Making Hotmail is a simple process. Without any difficulties we make able you to create Hotmail. In our Make Hotmail account we cover everything you need to learn to be able to sign up Hotmail account.

Note: if you are Hotmail customers note this now Hotmail has changed to Outlook. Outlook provides every Hotmail features and Hotmail login.

To make Hotmail id account go directly Because when you enter you redirect to Outlook login page also called Hotmail login page.

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How To Make Hotmail

  1. Create Hotmail From Browser.
  2. Create Hotmail From Mobile.
  3. Create Hotmail From Browser: This process needs laptop or computer and internet connection. Run your browser and in URL enter or When you land Hotmail home page. You can find Create Hotmail Account. After clicking on this highlighted link, you get new Hotmail sign up form. Enter all your detail to get new Hotmail id.
  4. Create Hotmail From Mobile: Now many users prefers using mobile phone. If you observe Hotmail data, mobile users are growing day by day. This is the reason, why any company focuses on mobile platform. If you use mobile phone then you can install Hotmail app and sign up to get new Hotmail id.

Easiest Way To Create Hotmail

Easiest way to make Hotmail is through Hotmail app. Hotmail app is made by Microsoft team. This app features login and sign up tools. By installing Hotmail app in your phone, you can sign up new Hotmail account with in few minutes. Creating Hotmail is simple through Hotmail app. Microsoft provides Hotmail app for any mobile devices. According to your mobile phone operating system. You can download app. If you are using Android phone then visit Google Play Store. Similarly, if you iPhone users then Apple iTunes can be your source of getting Hotmail app to sign up new account.

For Windows phone, you can go to Microsoft. Set up an email app section with Outlook for Microsoft web can get detail. Windows 8 phone users see Outlook, while Windows 7 users see Windows Live. See below to get clear view.

Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail sign up (Outlook sign up) get ready to have an email address on Outlook. Hotmail is leading free email service. Everyday, 50,000 thousands users come to sign up Hotmail. Come and join free Hotmail and get email account.

Some people says, Hotmail sign up as Outlook sign up.

Hotmail Sign Up Tutorial With Pictures

Visite or In end of Hotmail login page, find Sign up now link. See in picture below to find exact location of Outlook sign up link.

Go directly to website.

Click sign up now link. Now you are in sign up page. You see Outlook sign up form as below. Fill up all the fields to get Hotmail email.

Note: in url check you are on right sign up page. Confirm looking web address as You can copy this address and paste url address bar and hit enter to go directly Outlook sign up page.

Learn the process of making Hotmail from Hotmail mobile site.

Our Hotmail sign up tutorial explain how to sign up Hotmail with your own email address. As new Hotmail user, you have choice to choose or email address. If one not available then you can choose second. This means you have choice to choose Hotmail email or Outlook email.

create account hotmail

create account hotmail

Hotmail Login

Hotmail login refers to Outlook login. If you are new here, we guide you thoroughly and make you create new Hotmail login account. Hotmail account requires to Hotmail sign in action. Without Hotmail account you can not sign in or login your Hotmail account.

Hotmail is now Outlook if you go through history of Outlook. You can find that, previously Outlook was know as Hotmail. According to Hotmail wikipedia, Hotmail is founded in 1996.

Make Hotmail.

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Hotmail Login Page

Hotmail entry named login page. Http user go through email using registration info entry method. People enter login username. About Hotmail sign in page. Though Hotmail login sometimes does not load correctly. It shows error or blank page. Hotmail Outlook login page is main page, also called entry page.

Make Hotmail account on sign in page.

Way to Go Hotmail Login Page

How to go to Hotmail login page is not new question. New Hotmail login need to understand about MSN page with entry field. This login page has 2 important aspects. One account sign in and other account sign up.

Hotmail basic tutorial quote how to go to page officially. Connect PC Personal computer with internet. Wifi or data pack. Install favorite browsers to run website online. Then follow instruction.

  1. Enter [ Enter Optional].
  2. After pressing Enter button from computer key board, you will get following web address in URL address bar.
  3. Noticed you see Microsoft Corporation [US] in URL bar.
  4. is official Hotmail login page address.
  5. Find logo of Outlook in page.
  6. When you have Hotmail now MSN account, then choose Sign in field and enter username and password to go Outlook inbox.
  7. For new people, search Sign up link and open Hotmail sign up page. Fill detail and make an Outlook sign in account.
  8. Before doing any attempt, if you not sure open page is not official, read Privacy policy of Microsoft.
  9. If extra help needed, contact with our Google+ Hotmail login page.
  10. Our Hotmail login page connect you with our Outlook login expert. Email expert will teach you how to get more from Live account.

Note: Sign in page and sign up page are two useful web page of Hotmail mail. Each has own input method.

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Hotmail Login Tips

Understand this Hotmail login is simple but required exact landing page and official way. This means, even though Hotmail login is easy, you have to go through official process.

Things before login to Hotmail: Before able to sign in Hotmail you need Hotmail or Outlook email account. Without email you can not login Hotmail inbox. Dont worry, if you new to Hotmail, we provide you complete guide to how to get Hotmail account through our Hotmail sign up section.

Hotmail Login With Pictures

  1. Open browser and type or go through directly to
  2. Double check address spelling because you may find many website look like Hotmail.
  3. After you press Enter button, you may see URL address other than

Note: your browser will show: address like See in picture below.

  1. This is Hotmail login page, here you find two different field. Sign up field and sign in field. If you have already an account then go to sign in field and enter your full Hotmail address.
  2. Enter password.
  3. Tap Sign in button appears in blue color.

hotmail inbox

What to do for new Hotmail login user

Well, you are new then, you need to complete whole Hotmail sign up. Hotmail sign up is free and easy. You only need few minute to complete Hotmail sign up. Remember this, if you have any other alternative email address or mobile number then, Hotmail sign up becomes official. Sometimes Hotmail needs verification, so you need mobile number. Hotmail sends verification code through SMS (Small Message Service) or Call. You need to enter sent code in sign up stage.

So prepare mobile number to get code. Now we assume everyone has access to mobile phone. You can use family mobile number to get code. You can also make Hotmail account without mobile phone but when you forgot Hotmail password, then to get recovery code you are better to input mobile number in sign up stage.

Hotmail Login Other Names

Hotmail login also called Hotmail sign in. Hotmail sign in means sign in your Hotmail and enter Hotmail inbox. Hotmail also called Outlook, so Outlook login is another name of Hotmail. Some users also called Live login.

Dont confused Hotmail login, Outlook login, MSN login or Microsoft account login are same thing.

Enter a leading email website and get access to free email account called Hotmail mail. Stop going other similar site. Know what exactly leads you and how to reach Hotmail login page.

Many ways you can reach Hotmail. You can use www prefix or not and only enter Both are similar website and called Microsoft email service Hotmail (Outlook, or

Many new Hotmail people find confusion which are official website? or After purchasing Hotmail, Microsoft start re-branding domain name and email service. On this process now Microsoft brings Outlook name to re-brand Hotmail.

Microsoft claims after becoming Outlook. Live account added more features. Hotmail features included many things. Hotmail compare chart explain major features compare to other email services.

Understand that, or both leads similar pages called Live account sign in or sign up page. site

When you enter, check whether that site is official or not. Hotmail login page detail explain how official Outlook site look like.

Some tips:

Outlook logo.
Microsoft features.
Microsoft official privacy policy page.
Hotmail sign up form.
Hotmail sign in and Hotmail login field.
Account recovery option.

Find above key terms in landing page. If you see above things then you have to be sure you are in right page. If you have any confusion then you can ask us via our contact. Our Hotmail expert will provide right solution.

How to reach guide with picture: like in picture open Chrome or Mozilla or Internet Explorer or Safari browser. In URL address bar (see in picture for location) type and press enter button.

Directly go to

Hotmail Sign In Log

Hotmail sign in log is logging activities from different browsers and devices. Outlook login you can view Hotmail sign in log in email setting. We explain how you can view you Hotmail sign in log from desktop and computer.

Hotmail Sign In Log: View (With Picture)

To view your recent Hotmail login log, go to Hotmail login page. Enter username and password as usual. Now in your profile settings (upper right corner where you see your profile picture), find View account, see in picture.

hotmail sign in
Now you are in Hotmail Account page, this page allow you to view Hotmail login log and change security information. Account page, allow you to change Hotmail password.

Learn: How to change Hotmail password.

Go directly to Hotmail account activities page.

This page also give you setting options for Online safety. Our concern is to view Outlook logging activities.

So, click on See my recent activities button. Now you need to input mobile number to get verification code, in next page, enter mobile number. Then you proceed to Hotmail recent account activities page.

Where yo see: Hotmail email login devices types, medium of web browsers you use to log in Hotmail. Computer IP addresses and location. Hotmail apps and its type. All these are accesable in your Hotmail account recent activities page.

Note: After analyzing your Outlook account log information, you can decide whether Hotmail account in unusual activities. If yes then change Hotmail password immediately.

Outlook Sign In

What is Outlook? How to make Outlook account? How to do Outlook sign in? In our todays topic we cover all detail about Outlook and its sign in process. Stay and share our content with Outlook new users.

Outlook login also called sign in. MSN Outlook login is another name.

Go directly to

outlook login

Outlook Sign In: Topic

Outlook sign in is a process to go into Outlook account dashboard. Note: Outlook is previously called Hotmail. If you have Hotmail sign in account, then dont need to create new Outlook account to enjoy Microsoft features.

How to view Hotmail Sign In Log or Recent Activities.

But if you new to Outlook or Hotmail, then first follow some process to have new Outlook login account.

In our next topic we cover, how to view Outlook sign in history to find your login activities. If you get error in Outlook sign in page. Then contact with our Outlook sign in expert.

outlook login

How To Get Outlook Login Account

Well, first need sign in process. If you know how to sign up then you find Outlook sign up is easy and dont need any time. Remember, after having Outlook, you can get email notification. Whenever some site like social media, Facebook, Twitter needs email notification. You can Outlook to get confirmation and complete sign up.

  1. Go to after opeing web browser. Alternatively, download Outlook app and run and follow new sign up.
  2. When Outlook login page (Hotmail login page) opens, find register new account link.
  3. Open register new account link and follow sign up process.
  4. Mobile number is needed.

After Having Outlook Sign In Account

Now, with above sign up steps, you can get Outlook. To sign in your Outlook account, go to homepage of Outlook with same address. Now in username enter your email address and in password field enter password. Hit sign in button.

Note: you can choose or in email.

When you open Hotmail inbox, you find email from Microsoft. This is welcome email. In new compose button, create new Hotmail email and add recipient account.

You can send email to any email service provider user. From Outlook, you can send email to Gmail user, Yahoo user, AOL user or any email address.

outlook inbox