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How to Contact Skype Customer Service?

If you have any problem about Skype account, you can contact Skype Customer service. It is completely free service provided by Skype to its users. Numbers of Staff are available online with whom you can share your problem by email or live chat. They will show a quick response about your problem. However the support by phone calls is not available. The different methods to contact Skype Customer Service are listed in the following article. Just scroll down

Skype Customer Service

How to Contact Skype Customer Service?

The choice for contacting the Skype customer service depends on the type of problem that you have. To contact the Skype support follow the following steps.

  1. At first, click this link  support request page of Skype. It will take you to the Skype support request page.
  2. Select the related issue that you want to ask. For this click on the field present just below the “Choose a help topic”. It will show the related issues and select one of them.
  3. Again Click on another field present just below “Choose a related problem”. Now select one of the issue. Now click “Next” tabs present at the bottom of page.
  4. Now you are given to choose a method to contact Skype support. You can share your problem through Skype community or you can write email to the Skype customer support.
  5. Enter all of the information about yourself, about your Skype account and about your problems in the fields provided there. Then at last enter the captcha provided there in the box given just below it and finally click “Send” button to send the Skype issue.

How to Join Skype Community?

Skype Community

You can join the Skype community to solve the various issues and problems about Skype. A lots of information are included in Skype community. To join Skype community just follow the following steps:

  1. Type http://community.skype.com/ in your web browser to open the Skype community.
  2. Click on search field to find out the solutions of many issues related to Skype account. If you do not found the solution of your problem then click on “New topic” tabs present at the bottom of page.

    skype customer service

  3. Now enter the subject, choose the location and enter your Skype problem and click the “Post” tabs present at the bottom of page.

    skype customer service

  4. You have to sign in to your Skype account to post the Skype issues. Enter your Skype name and Skype password to login to Skype. After signing in to your account a new page will open. Now create a new community there and finally click to submit tabs.

If you have any further problem related with Skype then you can contact us. We will try to solve your problem as much as possible.

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