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How to Download Skype messenger in macs and windows?

Skype, the free messaging and video chat application, can be downloaded freely in all over the world. The most useful features of Skype are unlimited messenger and free voice as well as video calling system. Skype users can make long distance phone calls with their friends or other in very cheap way. It takes some moment to download Skype messenger in windows or in macs. Maximum people don’t know how to download Skype messenger in their device. If you are also included in this category, don’t worry this blog contains the complete and step by step guidelines to download Skype messenger.

Instruction to download Skype Messenger

For Windows

  1. Open your web browser and enter to open the official skype homepage.
  2. Click on “Download” button present at the top of Skype page. Then click the green button, which reads “Download Skype Now”.
  3. Click “Save File” on the prompt box, which appear on your screen. You will required at least windows 2000 to download skype messenger.
  4. When download is completed, click the downloaded file which will automatically start the installation wizard in your windows.
  5. To start installation, at first you have to agree the terms and condition of Skype, so click “I Agree-Continue” button present at the right bottom of installation windows. It takes some time for complete installation.
  6. After installation, a Skype icon will be created on your desktop. Click on this “Skype Icon” to set up your Skype account.


For Macsskype messenger

  1. For macs too, open your web browser and enter to open homepage of Skype.
  2. Click on “Download” tabs and choose “Mac OS” in operating system. However, Skype automatically detect that you are in macs, but if it does not then choose it manually.
  3. Now Click “Download Skype Now” button.
  4. Open the downloads window in your web browser and click the “Skype icon”. Press “Continue” when a warning prompt box appears in your device.
  5. Click on “Skype Icon” and drag it into your “Applications” folder. If your computer already contain the another version of Skype, then there will appear a prompt box asking whether you want to replace or not. Click “replace” tabs.
  6. When the download is completed then access Skype through “Applications” folder present inn your device.


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