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When we talk about something free, no matter what it is, we want it. That’s the human nature. However there are many things that we need like, electricity, water, a phone, and of course our email. When the email service started it wasn’t free. But today there are many email providers who offer us free accounts, with great of benefits. But which one is the best?


Free Hotmail Account 

One of the best email providers is Hotmail and of course is for free. Hotmail offer many benefits like instant messages, (old messenger, now Skype) Video calls, a lot of in box space and a place to upload our files in the cloud called One Drive, this particular characteristic let us organize, share and view our documents, pictures, music and everything you can imagine. We can even sync our Pc with our account to automatically upload the file we want.

In recent years Hotmail becomes Outlook and with this change it bring us some features that we find pleasant. Like interface change, and the way to organize our mail box. We discover the benefits of Skype, office web, msn, Bing and other services that Microsoft offer us for free with a free email account.

Free Gmail Account

We can say bluntly that Gmail is one of the most popular email services. This is because Google offer a lot of possibilities only with this free Gmail account. You can get access to a whole new world like YouTube, when you can view, share, and even upload videos easily. You can open a blogger account to make your own website without knowledge about programing or html, of course there is Google Drive, here you can upload your file and make backups of your smartphone automatically or even share documents or just store your favorite picture on the cloud. Google play store, where you can download all the best apps for your android device. Gmail is one the best choices when it comes about possibilities because with just one free email account you can get access to the whole world of Google.

Free Yahoo Account

Yahoo is a powerful email provider around the world, it has its own particular characteristics, is very easy to use and show us a new face of the web mail. We think this is the most advanced and revolutionary email service, the best of all: It’s for free. Yahoo offer us an excellent UI when we sign in yahoo we can enjoy the inbox, is very organized, specific and simple, very easy to use. An excellent feature of this service is that it offers a lot of space for storage operations, when you create a free email account with yahoo you will get 1000gb of storage, yes we are not joking you can get 1TB of storage in your in box for free, so if you like the beautiful and violet environment of yahoo and all its free storage do not search anymore. They offer other service like Yahoo Answers, Yahoo games, etc.

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