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How to Get Skype Number?

Skype number is a phone number or online number, given by Skype so that anyone can call you from landlines or mobiles and you can receive the call through your Skype account. If you are going to travel or moving abroad but also want to be connected with family and friends in affordable way then it will be more beneficial to use Skype Number. For example, if you live in US and planning to travel in Switcherland but want to be connected with family in affordable way then a simplest idea is, get a Skype number with the US area code. So that, your family and friend can call you from US in local rates too by using their landlines or mobiles. The simplest idea for how to get Skype number is given as below:How to Get Skype Number?

Instruction for how to get Skype Number

  1. You have to purchase the Skype number to use it as like other Skype features.
  2. At first, type  to your web browser like google chrome or firefox or any others. This will open the official homepage of Skype.
  3. Click Sign in button present at the top right of Skype page.
  4. Now enter your Skype name and Skype Password to the fields given there and click Sign in button to continue the process.
  5. In manage feature portion, select the Skype Number and click Get a Skype Number. Now choose a country that you like your Skype Number in.
  6. Click Next button.
  7. Enter all of the information required in the fields provided there then again click next button and follow the other instructions to complete the purchase of Skype Number.

How to Pay for Skype Number?

You have to purchase the Skype Number to use it. You can pay for it by using Paypal, Skype Credit or by other credit cards. If you pay for it using Paypal, Credit card or Skype Credit then for recurring payments the same payment method will be used.

How to Get Skype Number?

Availability of Countries for Skype Number depends upon how you are going to purchase it. The countries available for Skype Number (If you buy it through your personal account) are given as below:

  • United Kingdom
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    South Korea
    *It indicates these countries are unavailable for purchase with Skype Credit.

While selecting the Skype Number, you have to choose one of the number from the pre-selected range. You can not choose your home or other pre-existing numbers. But you can choose any one of the favorite number from the given list. You can manage upto 10 Skype Numbers per one Skype account.

Video How to Get Skype Number?


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