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How to Upgrade Skype?

Skype updates its various features in regular interval to improve its functionality and to fix bugs. After downloading Skype, you have to upgrade Skype in regular interval to add the additional Skype features. It will make your Skype more upgraded. Updating of Skype does not delete any of your message history and contacts. The process for How to upgrade Skype in different devices is given as below:

How to Upgrade Skype in Windows


  1. Open Skype application. You can upgrade your Skype software, by logging in to Skype or without login.
  2. Click the “Help” menu present at the top of page and select the “Check for updates” option.
  3. if any Skype update is available, then click on “Download” tabs to start downloading the updates. Wait for some moment because the download may take some time.
  4. When download is completed, click on “upgrade” tabs to install the downloaded updates. It may appear a prompt box during installation.
  5. (if prompted) Select the language before upgrading Skype. You can select your own language which makes it more easier.
  6. (If prompted) During installation there will appear a prompt box asking you that if you want to install the click to call plugin. If you want to install this plugin then select it or if you do not want to install it then uncheck the box.
  7. Then wait for a certain moment for complete installment of upgraded file. During this process, you will be logged out from Skype.
  8. When the installation process is completed a prompt box will appear. Enter your Skype name and password and click on Sign in button for Skype login.
  9. If your upgraded file is not downloaded completely or not installed correctly then the easiest and quickest method to solve this is to uninstall it and install Skype again. You can install the fresh Skype application directly from www.skype.com too.

Upgrade Skype on Mac OX

  1. Open your Skype application and click on “Download the Latest version now” link present in the Skype sign in page.
  2. Now click on “Get Skype for Mac” to start download. It will download the file in .dmg format.
  3. Close your Skype application completely while updating it. For this click “Skype” then “Quit Skype”.
  4. To start set up process, make a double click on the downloaded .dmg file.
  5. When setup process is completed then drag the Skype icon to application folder. If prompt box appear then click replace button.
  6. Now open the Skype application from Application folder by double clicking on Skype icon.
  7. When upgraded is completed, enter your Skype name and password and click to sign in button to login to Skype.

On upgrading Skype, enjoy the new and more features of Skype. If you have further any queries to upgrade Skype then you can message us.

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