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How to Install Skype on Computer?

Skype is one of the computer application, which allows you to make free video calls, voice calls etc with any Skype users in this world. You can make long distance phone calls to any mobiles and landline phones at very low cost. Some other popular features of Skype are instant messaging, conference call, file transfer and many more. To use these features of Skype, you have to install Skype on computer at first. Just scroll down below to learn how to install Skype on computer.

How to Install Skype on Computer?

Instructions to Install Skype on Computer

  1. Enter www.skype.com on your web browser. It will take you to the official homepage of Skype.
  2. Click “Get Skype or “Download Skype button present on the Skype page.
  3. Select on “Computer” from different type of devices present there and click on “Download Skype for Windows Desktop”. This will start downloading the Skype application on your computer.
  4. Once the download is completed, then double click on the downloaded file to install Skype on computer. This will take some moment to install it, so wait for a moment. When installation is completed, a Skype icon will appear on the desktop of your computer.
  5. Click on “Skype” icon. If you are new in Skype, then you have to create a new Skype account by entering various information about yourself like first name, last name, your valid email id, a password etc. ( To create Skype account). However, if you have Skype account already, then Click on “Sign in” tabs and enter your Skype name and password to log in to Skype.
  6. You can search and add your friend and family in Skype by their Skype name or full name or email id. To add them in your contact list, click on “Add” button. After adding them, you can make voice or video chat with them any time when they are online. Friends who are online will appear at the top of your friend list with green icon.

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