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How to Make Skype Video Call?

Skype Video Call is one of the most useful feature of Skype. By using this feature anyone can make live video conversation with their friends or family. This is completely free application but the person to whom you want make a video call must be connected with Skype and he/she must be in your Skype contact list. Here we provide easy and simplest methods to add your friends in your contact list and make a Skype video call.

How to Make Skype Video Call?

Methods to Add Friends in Skype Contact List

  1. Open your web browser and enter www.skype.com. This will take you to the official homepage of Skype.
  2. Click to Sign in button present at the top right of page.
  3. Enter your Skype name and password to the field provided there and click to sign in button for Skype login.
  4. If you are new in Skype then click to create new account tabs present at the bottom of page to create a new Skype account. For help, to create a new Skype account follow this link.
  5. Now click to contacts menu. Select Add contacts and finally click the search skype directory menu.
  6. Enter the Skype name or email address or full name of your friend or family in the search field. It will show a list of names. If you find the friend that you are searching then make a double click to it and click to add contact tabs to add him/her in your contact list.

How to Make a Skype Video Call?

  1. To make a video call in Skype the person must be added to your contact list. Otherwise you will be unable to make video call.
  2. Select the name from your contact list with whom you want to make a skype video chat.
  3. Click to the icon present at the top right of page having sign of Video. After clicking this icon, your computer will start to ring till your partner receive your call. When computer start ringing, a screen will appear in your monitor. Adjust your camera of your computer to fit your image on screen.
  4. To start Skype video conversation, your partner must accept your call i.e. he/she should click the Accept Video button.

When they accept the call then the Skype video calling will be started. His/her image will appear on your screen. By this way, you can make a Skype video call with your friend or family and can share your emotions, feeling and experiences with them. If you further have any problems to make Skype video chat then you can contact with us by our mailing address.

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