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How to Record Video from Skype?

Today, more than billions of people are chatting with their friends, family and other. Different types of chatting application  are lunched which provide the voice call, video call and other chatting methods. However, among these application, the Skype is one of the most widely used application in according to the users experience. Skype is upgrading its features days by days. Skype provides the video recording services also to its users. With the help of this service, you can record video from Skype and can enjoy with the video that you have recorded with your friends or family. To record video from Skype at first, you have to sign-in to Skype. Then you have to download a software, which will make it possible to record the video.

Instructions to Record Video From Skype

Install Video Call Recorder For SkypeHow to Record Video from Skype?

This is a light weight application, that you can download in your PC, laptop or mobile and record video from Skype. When the installation is complete, then you can use it easily. When you are ready to record the video, click the red button and when you want to stop the recording, click the Stop button. The stop button pause the recording with stopping it.

You can Install the Evaer

How to Record Video from Skype?

Evaer, is one of the most useful commercial program to record the video from Skype. It has various advanced features, that you cannot find in the Skype recorder. By this, you can record the video of high quality i.e. video of upto 1080P. Here, you can split your audio and video into different files, in according to your desire. It also help you to record for your group chat within  10 users. You can use the trial version of Evaer as it is free, but it allow you to record the video of upto only 5 minutes.

Record and Share with Callnote Premium

How to Record Video from Skype?

Callnote Premium is the another Skype video call recorder program. This application allows you to record video from Skype and save it. Here,you can edit your recorded video and share on social media networks by using the sharing features. As well as you can upload it into Youtube by clicking directly the button provided there.

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