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How to Recover Skype Password?

To operate various features provided by Skype such as free voice calls, video calls, text chat etc you have to log-in to Skype at first. For Skype log-in, you need to enter your registered Skype Name and Password. Skype password is one of the secret coding used to recognize the users. The password have been created during the time of signing-up process.

How to Recover Skype Password?

If you use Skype’s automatic signing in features, then you may forget your password, even you use Skype daily. Because in this feature, you are not required to enter the password during sign-in process. In certain situation, if you are needed to enter the Skype password, you may not have any idea about it. If you forget, you can recover Skype password, if you still have the email address used when creating your Skype account. If you forget your email address too but if you have paid for a Skype features in the past time, then till you can recover your Skype password. The complete instructions to recover Skype Password are given as below:

How to Recover Skype Password Using Email Address?

  1. To recover Skype Password, first open your Skype application present in your desktop by clicking on it. It will take you into the Skype signing-in page. Here, click on “Forgotten your password” tabs. Enter your valid email address that you have used during creation of your Skype account in the box provided there and click the blue “Submit” button.
  2. Or you can directly go to the Skype official page www.Skype.com and click on “Sign in” tabs then click on “Problem Signing in” and enter your email address in the box given there and finally click to green “Send email” button.
  3. Open your email and check it. Within 30 minutes, you should receive an email from Skype.
  4. When you receive the email, click on “Temporary code” within 6 hours. Select the Skype name and now enter your new desired password to the two boxes given there.
  5. Finally, click the “Change password and sign me in” tabs to recover the Skype password. After this process, use this new password to sign-in to Skype.

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