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How to Use Skype as a Radio Channel?

Anyone can make free video and voice call by using their Skype account. In addition, we can use Skype to create a radio channel and can communicate with lot of friends at one time. The simple technique for how to use Skype as a Radio channel is given as below. Just Scroll down.

How to Use Skype as a Radio Channel?

Instruction for How to use Skype as a Radio Channel

  1. At first download the latest version of Skype: To download Skype on your device type www.skype.com in your web browser and click on “Get Skype” or “Download Skype” tabs and follow the steps manually or click this link for instructions to download Skype.
  2. Create a Skype account or Skype Sign up: If you are new in Skype or you have not a Skype account then you have to create a new Skype account to use Skype as a radio channel. If you have the account already then you can use that account too. Then login to Skype by using your Skype name and password. Note: Your friends should also have to do this process to broadcast radio channel.
  3. Invite all friends in Skype and add all of them in a group among which you want to broadcast the radio. All friends including yourself require Skype account, speaker and a microphone for this purpose.
  4. Click on the “Group” icon present at the top of Skype contacts list. Drag and drop the name from contacts into the new group.
  5. When all friends are added to the group, click on “Call Group” button to start the Skype conference call. At the time of call, anyone (the members of group call) can send text message and send files to other member. In addition, during the call, any member can add a new participant to call conference by clicking “+” button.
  6. Create a song playlist in your desktop. You can select the pop, rock or other types of songs. After finishing the talking in call conference, start the songs in small sound. This will make your radio channel more entertaining. If you have large collection of songs then you can ask your friends for dedications or request.
  7. Make a fix time to broadcast your radio channel in Skype. Tell your friend to come in Skype at that time and broadcast your radio channel to more area.
  8. If you have large group of audience, then you can add and run further effective types of programs according to your friends need.

NOTE: This is not the real AM or FM radio.

By this way, you can use Skype as a radio channel and can share your creativity with your friends.

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