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How to use Skype Wifi on windows desktop?

Skype Wifi is a service of Skype which provides WiFi service all over the world in cheap way. It is public WiFi hotspots are available around the world including airports, cafe, hotels etc and so on. Skype wifi app is completely separate apps to Skype apps and you are required to install Skype application to use it even if you are connected to Skype wifi hotspots. It requires a little amount of Skype credit to be connected. Now a days, millions of you can use internet using Skype WiFi easily. Here is provided the simple technique for how to use Skype WiFi on windows desktop.

How to use Skype Wifi on windows desktop?

Instruction for How to Use Skype WiFi

  1. To use Skype WiFi, you are required to have the latest version of Skype, a WiFi enabled computer, a little amount of Skype credit in your account and access point for WiFi.
  2. Now, login to Skype at first.
  3. Click on “tools” then select “options” and click to “Skype wifi“.
  4. Marked on Enable Skype WiFi.
  5. Open your network setting in computer and connect to the public WiFi.
  6.  Again open your Skype account and click the tools button present at the top of Skype page and click to Skype WiFi.
  7. Follow each of the on-screen instructions to be connected with public WiFi network.

How to find Public WiFi hotspots?

  1. To know the locations where WiFi hotspots are available, first enter http://wifi.skype.com/ on your web browser.
  2. Now click the “Find a hotspot” button. It will show you different places where WiFi hotspots are available.

How to use Skype Wifi on windows desktop?

How to Pay for Skype WiFi?

You can pay for Skype WiFi with your Skype Credit. Skype checks how to use skype wifiyour balance in your credit when you start to connect the Skype WiFi and it reserves your payment maximum for 30 minutes of Skype WiFi. But you have to pay only for the actual minutes that you are connected with WiFi. For example if you are connected for 10minutes then you have to pay for only 10 minutes and other payment is refunded back to your Skypecredit.

How much it cost for Skype WiFi?

The Skype WiFi cost per minute is variable in according to the various providers. A message box about the cost will appear in your screen when you are in compatible WiFi hotspot. You have to click “connect” simply to connect WiFi on your desktop.

How to know the total time used for Skype WiFi?

Finally be connected with Skype WiFi and enjoy a lot. If you have any further problems to connect the Skype WiFi then you can contact us or write any message.

Video How to enable and disable Skype Wifi

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